Pilot Program Launched to Allow Limited Scope Representation in Family Matters

There is an ever-increasing number of pro se litigants in divorce cases. Navigating the process on your own can be a daunting task. In an effort to assist pro se litigants, Connecticut has launched a pilot program that will allow divorcing parties to hire an attorney to represent them for some aspects of their case without hiring one for the entire proceeding. This is also sometimes known as “unbundling.”

This means that parties can represent themselves throughout the case but, in addition, may also hire an attorney for specific matters such as alimony and child support, motions for exclusive possession, visitation, parenting issues, contempt or any other hearings that may be better served by using an experienced attorney familiar with the court rules of procedure and evidence.

Another example would be drafting documents or pleadings for the individual. This is commonly referred to as “ghost-writing.” In this instance, the attorney is required to disclose on the pleading or document that it was “prepared with assistance of counsel,” but the attorney is not required to disclose his or her name or juris number. A third example would be legal coaching. That is, for example, providing legal guidance about the legal or court process such as how to introduce evidence, how to cross examine a witness, general courtroom decorum and procedure. A final example would be filing a limited appearance where the attorney represents the party in court for a part of his or her case. A Limited Appearance form would be filed by the attorney and specify the event or proceeding for which the attorney is providing representation.

Wilson, Pinder & Snow, LLC provides limited scope representation and legal coaching. If you currently represent yourself in a divorce action or post judgment action and are interested in retaining counsel for a specific part of your case, please contact us. For more information on this topic please follow the links below:

Frequently Asked Questions about Limited Scope Representation in Connecticut

New Judicial Branch informational pamphlet, Hiring a Lawyer for Part of Your Legal Matter (Limited Scope Representation)for additional information about Limited Scope Representation

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